Robert & his family

Traveling dad

I travel frequently for work and the Lovebox gives me an opportunity to send special messages while I’m away. I know that seeing the heart spinning makes us a bit closer with each message I send. The ability to draw notes is an extra touch that makes it fun too.

My sister and I bought a LoveBox for our daughters to give to their grandma and grandpa for Christmas. My parents love it! It’s easy to use, beautiful, and a wonderful way to keep in touch with the grandkids since my parents live 8 hours away. We love that so many people are able to send messages and that my parents can reply by spinning the heart which sends a shower of hearts to our phone screen. So cute!

Tiffany, her sister & their parents

Celebrating family

Rusty & Lisa

Romantic couple

This is one of the coolest items to keep your relationship strong! Sure you could text your loved ones, but the Lovebox creates anticipation. It has created some curiosity at my wife's work and even they get excited when the heart spins. So glad I came across this and would highly recommend it.

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my granddaughters who live in another state. I was thrilled to watch the video of them overjoyed at seeing the heart turn and open the lid to read my message. Thank you for a fantastic way to share life with family members.

Mary, Kim & Joyce

Grandma & granddaughters

Anna & Charlie

Long-distance lovers

This was a gift for my boyfriend who I do long distance with. We absolutely love it. The instructions for setup and downloading of the app are super simple. I'm able to send him messages via the app. He can either send me love or remind me to send him a message if I forgot to by spinning the heart on the box - that'll flood my phone screen with hearts. It's almost like a 2 in 1 gift since we both benefit from buying 1! I also love that the app kind of encourages you to send messages to each other by having a little heart-o-meter. As you send more messages, the meter fills up and you can unlock more icons and capabilities within the app. Seriously the cutest thing ever. It definitely brightens up our day.

I was unsure about the tech aspect of this, esp since Nana hates tech. But she LOVES it and looks forward to receiving messages from her granddaughters and her daughter. It's the highlight of her day many days. Super easy to send a msg through the app. Worth every cent!

Brandon and Nana

Son & mother

Elizabeth & Margaret

Daughter & mother

My mom travels a lot for work and recreation, so I don't see her as often as I used to. She was traveling over Mother's Day this year, so while she was out of town the weekend before, I snuck into her house to set this little box up. Then I sent her a little note for when she got home and sent the "secret code" to my siblings. My mom loved it!! It is nice that I get an alert on my phone when she opens it, so I know she's seen the message. You can add little emojis to your message, or even draw a picture! This Lovebox is the perfect gift for anyone you'd like to send little notes to in a fun way, and it's an excellent value for the price!!

I use the product frequently to send my dad messages when I'm with my mom and no matter how many devices we connect to it it still works effortlessly and quickly! 

Kelly & Mark

Daughter & father

Beverly & her family

Traveling mom

Bought this to leave messages for my kids when I travel for work or leave in the morning before they wake up. I ended up using it all the time to drop them quick notes. They love it and get excited each time a message is received!

This product was everything I imagined it to be and more. I use it daily and I love that I'm able to send private messages to my girlfriend. She loves it just as much as me if not more! Now that we have it and she's posted it on her social media, more people have begun to pick these up. I recommend getting them before it's too late!

Sean & Lynn

Long-time relationship

Maxine & her family

Living abroad

 live a little far away from my family and my job takes up a lot of my time, so I'm not the best at communicating and staying in touch. But if I go too long without talking to them I know I get super homesick. So I got myself a Lovebox and connected my whole family so that we can have a new and stress-free way of communicating. It's been so great that we are thinking of getting one for each of us! 💌

 I bought 2 Loveboxes. One for my daughter and one for my granddaughter who both live great distances away. I wanted a way to make them both feel special and loved. They are both thrilled. Thank you so much for creating such an ingenious product.

Allyson, Jennie & Nina

Three generations of women